With electricians all over Calgary, we aim to provide on-time and high quality maintenance services for our customers across the city.

Maintenance Services

For our customers who need help with maintenance, we offer on-call and regular maintenance packages for your plant or facility. We get to know your facility, the equipment & machines, and the players so that we can provide supplementary electrical services for regular or special maintenance projects. We can also be on-call if your onsite electrician needs a day off or needs support to perform complex industrial troubleshooting and installations.

Our customers rely on Pearl Electric for the following maintenance activities:


  • Supplementary electricians (on-call) to support their 24/7 operations
  • Equipment preventative maintenance
  • Machines and Equipment upgrades, relocations and electrical repair work
  • Troubleshooting and commissioning of electrical equipment
  • Lighting retrofits and upgrades
maintenance services

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