Why you Should Hire a Professional Electrician

Facilities like condos, commercial buildings, and manufacturing plants have a lot going on, and electrical issues can sometimes be a pain. At Pearl Electric, our Journeyman Electricians get to know your facility and work with you and your team to keep things running smoothly. For those with existing electricians on staff, Pearl Electric can be your back-up plan whether you are executing a special project, upgrading your plant, or need an electrician to cover a shift. We work hard to build relationships with our valued maintenance managers, property managers and plant managers in the Calgary region to be their top choice when supplementary electrical work is required.

With electricians across all quadrants of Calgary, we are only a call away for responsive, professional, and efficient work. We can troubleshoot a power outage, rewire a machine after relocation, work with old panels and install new equipment. We are familiar with renovations of all shapes and sizes from pot lights to major equipment installations like MCC’s, motors, pumps, and compressors.

We are passionate about energy efficiency and have a wealth of experience helping reduce your power bill through simple upgrades to your property. A change in your lighting can help reduce greenhouse gases, save you money and provide a more vibrant atmosphere in your space. We have upgraded lighting in homes, industrial plants, and commercial buildings with attractive ROI’s for your bottom line. For larger installations, as an approved contractor, we assist with grant applications to help offset the cost.

Are you a smart-home nerd like we are? We can help install and wire lighting and speakers that will tune the atmosphere in your space to your liking at the click of a button on your cell phone. Pearl Electricians near you can help plan layouts, recommend products, and show you pictures of comparable installations in Calgary.

With Master Electricians on staff, we can pull permits and take the electrical paperwork off your hands. We communicate clearly throughout projects and during call-outs, and we record all work and hours real-time, so you are never surprised at the end of a project. We want to continue doing business with you, so trust is at the forefront of our priorities. We have grown through word of mouth which we are grateful to be able to continue to do in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Our industrial electricians are familiar with modular skid construction, tight deadlines and complex electrical installation requirements. We have experience wiring water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, heat transfer skids, pump skids, compressors, PLC’s, robotics and more. We work with your engineers and supervisors to optimize electrician labour so that you increase your margin and impress your end users.


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